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I am a Canadian Vancouver Island based artist and I paint the world around me! Whatever is in my life, if I’m inspired by it I paint it. I am pretty sure this comes from being a mother with no extra childcare and only finding time to paint in very short periods of time. Sometimes I only have 15 minutes! When I get to paint, I get right to it and I dont waste time ! Painting is very precious to me, as it calms my mind and makes me feel whole. It dosent matter what I paint, as long as I’m drawn to the subject matter and I feel good, it gets created. I’m currently very drawn to colour and I think It’s because colour makes me want to sing and dance (I am not talented at either one of those haha). And what makes me happy the most gets turned into a work of art!

A little bit about me is that I’m a mother of two young boys who fill my days with creativity and energy! They are the light and inspiration that keep me going. I currrenty work from my living room! I am also a volunteer for my local art community. Living in a small town I really love to help out out creative minds when I get a chance. I am self-taught however I did attend North Island Collage for two years. When my son was born I chose to leave college and point myself in a different direction as money was tight and instagram was becoming big that year. I began selling from home while raising my son.

In my early years my summers were spent on my grandmothers ten acre property in Coombs, BC where I would spend countless hours sketching in her gardens and exploring the forest completely immersed and inspired by the natural beauty that surrounded me. From this experence and my grandma’s natural creative energy blossomed an endless need to make artwork. My dream has always been to be a full time artist. After many years of trying to find the perfect way to make that life happen my oldest son was born and instead of going back to work at a coffee shop or retail job I started selling my art instead. I feel so honored and inspired to bring so much happiness into peoples lives with my creations.

Check out my commissions page for custom orders and check out my social media for inspiration and a peek at what I’m currently working on. View my paintings and progress on my Facebook page Alyssa Penner Email me at alyssapennerartist@gmail.com



View my paintings and progress on my Facebook page Alyssa Penner
Email me at alyssapennerartist@gmail.com


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